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Moosvi Family

Bily helped me sort out my entire family finances very quickly, professionally, and expertly. I knew a little bit about the financial world but after meeting with Bily, I was blown away at his expertise and unique ability to explain things at a level that both me and my dad could follow. He outlined a comprehensive financial plan for us and advised us on how to best allocate proceeds from our home sale to maximize future return, as well as lower our monthly payments, and get a huge tax advantage. I would recommend Bily for everyone – young or retiring, savvy or not. I was very impressed by our session and I look forward to working with him in the future!

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Nicolas C.

My wife and I have been getting help from Bily for over a year now. Bily is a true professional. He has taken the time to know and understand our life situation and has helped us get our finances set up in a way that makes sense for us in the short and long term. We are confident and comfortable with our financial outlook thanks to Bily.

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Helen Y.

Even having had some education about personal finances, trying to handle them and also understanding the options out there presented by multiple companies can be difficult. Bily does a very good job of researching what is out there and presenting what he thinks is a good fit based off of your financial goals. As some others have mentioned he is extremely patient and doesn’t push you make decisions. And on top of that, if you have something that you want to get done, he always tries to get you asap even if it means working a little past conventional work hours.


Debbie K.

My understanding of the financial world is very limited. So when it came to finding somebody to help me figure out my finances I was glad to have gone to see Bily. Bily did a full assessment of our family’s financial status by looking at our monthly and yearly spending and seeing how much we were saving each month. Based on his findings he was able to help us set both short term and long term goals in regards to savings, investments and insurance. Throughout the entire process Bily was very professional and was able to explain concepts and terms that were unfamiliar to me in a simple manner. I feel very confident knowing that Bily is managing my family’s finances.

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Sarah W.

Bily was very professional and attentive. He listened to what my goals and needs were and offered me wonderful advice. He took time to carefully explain all the various products I was inquiring about (critical illness/life insurance, RRSP/TFSA investments) and came up with something that worked for me. He’s not pushy at all and just wants to help people. I had talked to a lot of other advisors before going to Bily. I would have no hesitations with recommending him to family and friends.


Jing C.

I had a ton of questions about different financial products that are available on the market and Bily was very patient in helping to explain each one in detail. He will listen to your needs and work with you to find something that fits your lifestyle. I would highly recommend Bily’s services!

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Minh L.

Bily was very professional and personable. Previously, I have met with multiple financial advisors who have failed to explain the difference between products such as mutual funds, bonds, treasury, stocks, but Bily was able to provide thorough explanations for all. He also took the time to clearly understand my current and future financial goals. Together, we were able to create a strategic portfolio that encompassed all of my needs. I appreciated the sense of autonomy over my finances with a trusting and knowledgable guidance. I had an excellent experience with Bily and I would highly recommend him to family, friends, and colleagues.

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Damian H.

Bily has been my financial advisor for over the last year and aside from being extremely competent, he provides insightful advice catered to MY personal situation. One quality that truly stands out is his ability to listen, understand and propose solutions. He has been easy to communicate with and I am confident that he also has my best interest when it comes to ensuring my financial goals are within reach. One of the finest and most professional advisors I know.

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Linda B.

Thanks Bily for helping me put together a forward looking financial plan. I appreciate all the time you put into meeting with me and listening to my goals, researching and fact checking all my questions, giving strategic planning options, and even taking my calls on your day off.

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Vanessa K.

Bily is an excellent financial advisor! He helped my husband and I figure out our optimal insurance requirements given our stage in life and current finances. He explained the various insurance policy options in detail and gave us time to make a decision without giving us any pressure. Bily always responds promptly to all your concerns or follow up questions in a very professional manner. He provided great comparison tables and charts via email that helped my husband and I choose the best policy for ourselves. We strongly recommend Bily as your financial planner/advisor.

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Yolanda L.

I enjoy working with Bily as my financial advisor. He is professional and knowledgeable and I feel confident that we can work together towards my financial goals. Bily is personable and makes financial planning not so intimidating. I highly recommend him if you would like to get your finances in order and not sure where or how to start!


Amy C.

My experience working with Bily was great. I learned a lot and was able to take my first step in investing with Bily’s help. I would recommend Bily to all my friends as he is accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and reliable.

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Navjot K.

Bily did a fantastic job assisting my husband and I about which life insurance policy works best for us. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was very patient in letting us figure out which option is most suitable for us. Not only is Bily great at what he does, he is also very personable and easy to talk to. I truly believe he genuinely cares for all of his clients. Thanks so much for all your help Bily! I am glad we got in touch after so many years. I will definitely be recommending Bily to all my friends and family.


Kris W.

Bily took the time to meet with me and show me how both investment and insurance can work to protect and create wealth. Meeting my financial goals was an eye opening process and Bily was patient in teaching and explaining every step of the way. He was always respectful of my thoughts and sought to find the best solutions for my individual situation.

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Jeff Y.

My wife and I were just looking for a second opinion on our life insurance policies, and Bily blew our previous insurance broker out of the water.

Bily was absolutely great to deal with. He took his time to understand our needs,explained all the various options, and gave us his honest opinion on what he felt was best for us. In my case in particular, there were some challenges in finding an insurer due to my work, and Bily really came through in finding different options when our first choice fell through.

I’ll definitely be using Bily again in the future, and look forward to recommending him to friends and family who are looking for an insurance broker who is friendly, honest, patient, and most importantly, caring.

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Jonathan Y.

Bily gave really helpful and honest advice which was tailored to my personal financial situation. Highly recommended even if you know what you’re doing from a financial perspective because he offers an expert alternative point of view.

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Dave C.

Bily has been very helpful in supporting our financial goals. Bily clearly identified our goals in our first meeting and from there presented us with a strong plan on how to attain them, within our personal comfort zone.

Bily has been quick to respond to any questions we have. He’s come up with unique solutions to our financial goals and ensured that our questions are taken seriously. We look forward to our financial future and have complete trust that Bily will help guide us there!

We highly recommend Bily Xiao at Mobius Wealth. Without his support, we believe we wouldn’t have such a bright financial future!

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Vincent W.

Bily has been a great financial advisor when I was starting my career and in the phase of just getting engaged. He taught me the financial knowledge that I wouldn’t have known and was really deliberate and patient with teaching the financial fundamentals. He presents the best options based on personal financial goals and never tries to push anything on you, but rather he has a heart to provide the best service to every individual client to his utmost ability.

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Don H.

Bily is one of the best financial adviser I know, and I have been with almost half of a dozen advisers in the past. He always had my best interest in mind instead of his own. My profession is in engineering and thus naturally I had skepticism. Bily, as an former engineer himself, understood that and was willing to patiently go through the numbers with me in order to help me understand how a certain plan could benefit me. Bily won’t let you buy something if he haven’t done the math himself. 10/10 would recommend.

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Joshua N.

Bily has helped me over the past few years to provide much needed guidance with my finances and help me feel confident about investing again. He is one of the most kind, honest and trusted individuals I know, and would recommend his services to any family or friend that I know.

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Sebastian C.

I’ve known Bily for many years and he’s one of the most intelligent, competent and honest individuals I know. He truly knows what he’s talking about and you can be sure he’s passionate about the profession and his clients. That’s why I chose Bily at Mobius to handle my insurance needs now and in the future. If you like to work with someone who will guide you in financial decisions in a comfortable and pressure free way, I recommend sitting down with Bily.

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Barbara L.

Having a young family, making sure we had someone that we could trust to help us plan for the next 5 and 50+ years was paramount. Bily is extremely competent and professional, I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ability to craft a financial plan that suited our needs perfectly. I would gladly recommend Bily’s services to anyone needing a financial advisor.

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Dan C.

What I like about Bily is how he takes the time to understand me. I feel like he’s empathetic to my personal and life goals when he consults me on my financial goals. If I were given an opportunity describe him any of my friends, I’ll say Bily Xiao is an intentional listener and a gentle advisor.

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Sunny T.

I’m an engineer and worked in financial risk service software for awhile. I’m often appalled at how some financial advisors cannot answer some financial model questions or deeply understand the implications for me. Bily is a thinker and is able to understand complexity and my concerns. He’s helped me build out my financial strategies and I can always rely on him for good advice, novel strategies that I have not thought of, and clarity for things I don’t fully understand.

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Karen L.

Bily has been helping me for the past year to get my financial things in order since I’ve never bothered with investments or financial planning in the past. He was very straightforward and explained that I had many financial planning options to choose from and he advised me on what would make the most sense for my situation. He was very thorough, detailed, knowledgeable and gave me the sense that my financial planning was in good hands. He doesn’t try to up sell or make you buy options you don’t need. I feel like I have a good financial foundation now both in knowledge and finances.

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Alexis K.

Bily helped our family in getting various insurance policies sorted out and I would recommend him to anyone else seeking these services. Bily did an excellent job in explaining the different options and what they would mean to our family and provided detailed analysis to allow us to make our own unbiased decisions. Bily is a consummate professional and we look forward to continuing to work with him.

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Jorge Q.

Bily provided me excellent recommendations for life insurance. He was able to explain to me thoroughly the different options available, and advised me with the one best suited for my needs. I can confidently trust on his advise because he is very analytical and also very kind, and wants the best for his customers.

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Myra L.

Despite being located on opposite sides of the country, the way Bily handles my finances makes it feel like he’s next door. He’s always open to explain things further when I don’t understand (and I don’t understand a lot), and provide his recommendations without any pressure. I’d definitely recommend him!